2018 Honda CMX500

From stock as they come to how the Honda CMX500 should have looked.

From stock as they come to how the Honda CMX500 should have looked when it rolled off the factory floor. Leese the owner of the CMX came in to see us at Butler’s Customs in regards to wanting a set of new higher bars fitted to her bike. After a chat to Leese about her end goal with her bike the game changed fast. We now had a new plan of attack to do all those little things that make a bike your own and personalized to suit your riding position and style.

The Honda, from stock, was a great bike to ride but needed to have a few modifications to make it more comfortable for Leese. So we started with higher swept back chrome bars. In doing this, it meant we has to also replace the break lines, the clutch cable and reroute the throttle cables. The next step was to remove the pillion seat to give the bike a cleaner more sleek look.

From stock the CMX comes out with a bare plastic front guard, side covers and headlight bucket, which is strange as the rear guard and fuel tank are painted gloss black. So to make it all match we painted the guard, headlight bucket and side covers. Since we were going this far we decide to pin stripe the tank, and front and rear guard with silver pin stripes to match the silver fuel cap. We then wanted to make some changes to the seat to also make it match the now silver pinstripes, so we went with a grey straight stitch upholstered seat.

The next step was to minimize that bulky rear end and eliminate the large blinkers front and back and the large rear tail light. So a custom stainless number plate bracket was designed and made with integrated blinker mounts. Fitting the new tail light also was a must. With the new blinkers and stop tail light fitted and wired the last thing to do was to replace the clutch and brake lever with adjustable levers to make it easier to reach . The CMX was now ready for the road with its new clean sleek and modern look.