Murray’s Brewing Promotional C20 Chevy Truck

A vehicle built to stand out from the crowd.

A vehicle built to stand out from the crowd . Butler’s Customs was approached by Murray’s Brewing Co, a craft brewer local to Newcastle, to build a custom beer truck built to deliver beers, promote their brand and something that was all class and classic.

The original plan was to simply remove some small rust spots but after a short chat to Murray we decided that the truck deserved more then just some simple rust repairs. So with the truck on its way to the shop and a budget set we had a plan and it was all hands on deck. Murray’s wishes with the truck were simple, give me something that people turn their heads to look at while it’s driving down the road and give me something that has a classic look – and that was it!

So I decided to take a trip to the brewery to look at the brewery’s colours, the branding of the beers and specific colours used to represent what Murray’s Brewing was all about. Now with colours in mind and a clearer picture of the direction I wanted to head in, the truck was completely pulled apart then paint stripped all by hand. A ton of rust repairs needed to be done to every panel on the truck. Hand made panels were fabricated for the damaged sections on the tray and then the truck was off to paint.

After paint the custom truck bed was made and stained,  the bed was raptor lined and under the guards also. The bumpers had all their bolts shaved and smoothed off, the window glasses were replaced along with the rubbers, all custom decals were designed and a set of custom 20 inch steel wheels and trim rims were made and sent over from Detroit, USA. The hub caps had custom Murray’s decals fitted and all new bolts were used throughout the truck and assembly was now complete. Timber drop down sides were made in house also and fitted to fold down and rest your beer on. The truck was now ready to live its life on show at the brewery.