Roadkill – Liam’s Kawasaki KZ750R

Viewer discretion is advised for any Kangaroos that may be viewing this bike. Taking its namesake from the amount of Roo hide used across the build, it’s a rustic tracker that will have Skippy shivering in fright.

Coming across a 1982 Kawasaki KZ750R on Facebook for a steal, this would be the perfect machine for Liam to work on and ride. “The price was right, and so was the style. So I picked the bike up and soon got to work making it truly mine. I completely rebuilt the bike’s style from the frame and motor, to the tank and paintwork 4 times in just as many months. It cost an arm and a leg going over it so many times, but I had to get it to the point where it was truly from my style and me. If it wasn’t something that got me excited as soon as I opened the shed door each morning then it would have to be changed.”

The bike had been picked up a complete basket case (perhaps explaining the price) not running with many missing parts. “It took me about a year to iron out all the issues before I could even ride it. Once I got it running, I rode it once, then stripped it back down to redo it all over again. And so the process went on a few more times until I got it just how I wanted. Every nut and bolt is brand new. The frame was custom built using parts from an original frame that I was given. The seat is made from Kangaroo hide, and the tank came from a Kawasaki Z650 that sat on the wall of a wrecker’s for 15 years.”

A friend of Liam’s by the name of Jordy from Hide and Seeker put together a bunch of custom kangaroo leather bits for the bike, including the tank badges and side bags. “I wanted a really rustic tracker look for this bike so I internally lowered the front forks and raised the rear end. I then mounted the speedo in the headlight and went with a mesh grill to give it more of that off-road feel. All the electrics have been done away with, I designed and made a whole new wiring harness, handmade switch blocks and a hidden battery.”