Luke’s Yamaha XS650

Built not bought.

Luke came to see me about possibly building his XS650 into one of the baddest XS650s he had ever seen. He was tossing up between either buying a Harley or building his existing XS650 into what it is today.

Luke spared no expense in building this bike; from a total engine rebuild, ceramic coating all engine parts and replacing everything internal in the motor that could be replaced. The bike at some point had a side car on it so there was extensive framework that needed to be done; replacing old welds, making rear foot rest mounts where they had been removed for the side car, fitting a custom rear hoop with a built in LED tail light, hiding all electrics under the seat and tank with a full rewire. The bike frame was then powder coated and tank was repaired and sent off to paint for it’s murdered out all black custom paint job.

Luke ordered custom wide dish spoked wheels from Cognito Moto along with a set of rear sets moto gadget speedo and GSXR front forks, discs and callipers. An all custom rear brake set up was designed and made to suit the new wheel combo and the bike was now ready for assembly. After a final tune up Luke’s XS650 was finally ready for the streets.