1977 Honda CB750F

The one and only, Luke’s 1977 Honda CB750F.

I first met Luke when he stopped into my shop for a chat after seeing the Butler’s Instagram page. Luke had just moved to Australia from the UK and was telling me about his Honda CB750 that he had back in England still, he was interested in having a full custom build done to it.

After chatting over a beer with Luke, we had designed what we believed to be the best Honda CB750 to date. We had a game plan but we knew there would be changes along the way that we would take into account.

Luke then organised to have his Honda shipped all the way from the UK to our shop here in Newcastle. One month later, it arrived in a timber box to our front door, as stock as they come, ready to become something even more beautiful and timeless.

I started by stripping down the bike completely, getting it ready for it’s extensive modifications. Starting with the frame, all mods were made, making a hoop, detabbing the frame, moving the oil tank, making electrical boxes part of the frame. The next step was making the rear cowl, beginning with moulding it by hand out of clay, I shaped the rear end then from that I made a wire frame, from there I made cardboard templates to shape by sheet metal from, rolling stretching, shrinking and beating the sheet metal to shape, I ended up with a rear cowl to follow the lines and contours of the Honda’s frame and tank.

Next was to make the seat pan and send it off to the trimmer. From this point was to completely strip down the engine, replace all engine parts, ceramic coat the motor and rebuild it back to its former glory. Everything on this bike has been replaced for new including a brand new set of Mikuni carburetors to fuel the Honda engine. A new set of four into one exhaust system was ordered and fitted and then the frame and rear cowl and hand made side covers were sent off to paint.

Once everything was back from paint, the next step was to fit the Suzuki GSXR front end. A lot of machining was done to the triple tree to get the front end to fit correctly. Everything on this bike has been touched from top to bottom, from the handmade fenders, number plate bracket, side covers, rear cowl, headlight bucket, front brake system, front and rear wheels to make this bike one of a kind.

Once the bike was completely back together, it was fully tuned and ready for its first ride.