1981 Honda XL250

Made to XL.

Dan from The inventory guys came into Butlers Customs wanting a tracker style build that he could use around town but also take his surf board with him to the beach on those hot summer days.

After sitting down with dan and finding out about his business I suggested why don’t we build a bike that is everything he wanted and also make the bike a representation of his brand. Dan was all for the idea and from here we come up with some ideas that would make this build one of kind.

Starting with the colour choice we used the colours of The Inventory guys branding, Grey white and orange. I designed a decal that would go with the lines of the tank and the main colour we had chosen.

From there the bike was stripped down and a Honda CR80 Front end was tracked down and purchased, once the bike was stripped the frame was removed of all tabs that were not needed, brackets were welded on for the new custom seat pan, and the frame was then sent to powder coating.

At this point the engine was completely cleaned from top to bottom and painted, the front forks off a Honda CR80 were pre fitted to see how they would fit and a new head stem was needed to make it fit correctly. Once this was achieved the front was fitted and the next step was to make a seat.

The new tyres were ordered and the wheels powder coated. Once this all was back and ready to go the tyres were fitted wheels put on, front and rear brakes were fitted and all other parts.

The tank was back from paint and fitted and the bike was ready for its seat, fuel in the tank and ready for start up. There were a few loose ends that needed fixing with the front brake caliper needing a new bracket to strengthen the calipers mount.

The bike was tested and given the all clear that it was ready to ride. But there was one last thing this bike needed to be not just a around town bike. It needed a surf board rack. I fabricated a mount and fitted a surf board rack and dan was on his way to some fun in the sun.