Tim’s Yamaha XS400F

Father Son Build

Tim emailed me around a year ago in regards to his Yamaha that was laying in his father’s shed in pieces. Tim’s plan was to bring the XS400 back to life as a father and son project.

After receiving Tim’s email we caught up to discuss the build further, once meeting we sat down and came up with an overall plan of attack to get this build underway.

Tim dropped the bike off in about 8 boxes of rusted parts and about two of each part not knowing what parts were good or bad. So my first step was to go through all parts and write up a detailed parts list and estimated price on the build.

Next step was to strip everything down for powder coating, painting and the engine rebuild. Then  it was onto the frame mods. Fitting a frame hoop and custom making a seat pan, from here it was time to repair all parts, replace broken parts, and do a final mock up.

Now we were down to the final stage. Engine was to be fitted, all parts aligned, bolts tightened etc. We made sure nothing was missing, we then tested and tuned and got it ready for it’s blue slip and registration.

Working with Tim and his dad Wayne was an absolute pleasure, they were so helpful throughout the build, chasing up any extra parts that were needed along the way to save time, liaising with myself  made the process run extra smooth.