Murry’s Honda CB175

The bike needed some love.

Murry’s Honda CB175 was always destined to be something different. Murry had a plan and wasn’t going to stop until it was achieved – That’s where we came into play.

When I was called by Murry’s friend to finish off this build I didn’t know what I was in for to be honest. I went for a drive to see the bike at his friend’s place to find it was bare metal with no engine and an after market tank just sitting on the bike and that was all. The bike needed some love. I picked the bike up and took it back to the shop for a better look and to come up with a game plan. After looking over the bike I realised there was a lot that needed to be done.

I started with cutting off all the old welds someone else had done,  cleaning up the frame, making a hoop for the rear and planning how to hide the battery and wiring. The rear cowl didn’t fit the frame at all so I had to start from scratch. Cutting and shutting, bending and welding, rolling on the English wheel to make everything fit snug like it would have if it came from the factory. Once it all fit well the next step was to make a battery box, and electrical plate to mount and hide all electrics. Then once all fab was complete it was off to paint. I then had to rewire the bike, remove un-needed wiring, shortening the harness and hiding the wiring under the rear cowl where I also mounted the battery. Once this was all done it was time to make a seat. Bending a seat pan and making the new oneto suit was the second last part of the build. Last of all was to fit the bigger engine from a 125 to a 250cc . Wire the engine, fit all accessories and she was ready to ride.

This was one fun and interesting build and it was a pleasure doing this build for Murry, another awesome easy going client.