Jesse’s Triumph Speedmaster

He had a plan to go all out with this build and that’s exactly what we did!

Jesse’s bike started out as stock as they come. When I first met Jesse he had a plan to go all out with this build and that’s exactly what we did. At the end of the build, Jesse was planning on parking the bike next to his Monaro so it had to look the part.

After a chat about the direction of the build the plan was now set in stone – It was time to build one murdered out Speedmaster. First things first, the bike was stripped down and the rear guard cut down to give it a faster look compared to the standard cruiser look that the Speedmaster is known for.  A custom number plate bracket was made to replace the old ugly bracket that was incorporated in the over sided stop tail light with attached blinkers. The large blinkers, now gone, were replaced with a smaller LED blinker and relocated to the sides of the rear fender and had to be rewired to suit the LEDs low voltage, adding in an LED flasher unit and resistors inline to allow them to flash at the correct speed. Next a smaller 5.5 inch headlight was fitted to replace the large stock 7 inch headlight and a custom mounting bracket was made to take the smaller light . The front blinkers were moved from the handle bars to the bottom of the triple tree clamp.

The whole exhaust system was removed, blasted and ceramic coated black, and refitted again to give it that blacked out look and more black and less chrome for  less maintenance. Jesse wanted to do away with the stock duel seat and fit a solo seat but the only seat that we could find was from the USA and its always a huge risk spending a ton of money on something online that you are not sure how it will fit and if it will look ideal for your builds vision. So I made a custom hand made aluminium seat pan and it was upholstered in brown vinyl. The bike was given an all matte black paint job and the next step was to replace the large swept back handle bars for something more drag bar like and streamline. To finish the build the final step was to give the bike that low down look and replace the rear shocks for something lower.

In the end the overall finish of the build is now one blacked out beast of a Triumph speedmaster fit for the streets and any custom bike show and to stand up against the rest and most of all look as bad ass as Jesse’s Monaro sitting in his shed.