Honda CX500 Mono Shock

Ian’s Custom CX500 Mono Shock

I first met Ian when he came into my shop for a visit with the idea of building his Honda stock cx500 into a one off custom mono shock CX500. His only requests with the build were to have a rear cowling and it be mono shock and the rest he said was up to me. He told me I have the artistic freedom to do as I please and he would pick it up when it was ready. This is the kind of job that I absolutely love.

So after throwing a few ideas at Ian and having all yesses thrown back at me it was time to get the bike in, stripped down and the design process started. I don’t draw my builds first as I don’t find it as interesting or creative so I design as I go, sometimes scraping the finished product many times until I’m 110 percent happy to put my name on the project.

After stripping the bike down I started playing with ideas. Bending tubing for the rear sub frame after cutting the stock sub frame off completely. After a few different bends to find a line I was happy with, the assembly of the hand bent 1 inch tubes was under way. The next step was to strengthen the rear sub frame by welding sheet metal to the sub frame that I bead rolled for extra rigidity. The next step was to rewire all the wiring to the rear end, moving the battery to the rear of the bike inside the rear cowling that was made by hand on the English wheel out of 1mm cold rolled steel. I then had custom monoshock brackets CNC cut and welded them to the frame to get the right ride height.

The fuel tank had its fuel cap and cap cover flap removed and I welded in a flush mount fuel cap. Then the next step was to send everything off to paint. While the frame and wheels were at paint being painted in gunmetal grey and pearl white, the custom CX500 decals were designed and made.  Once all parts were back from paint the bike was assembled, a custom crocodile vinyl seat was made, new bars and lights fitted, new Dunlop tyres fitted, engine painted in 2 pack gloss black paint and assembled accordingly- a test ride was now due and the cx500 mono shock was ready for its maiden voyage.