Postie Chopper Build

One mean postie.

Shane’s CT110 Postie Chopper started out as an idea of Shane’s that he wanted a Postie Chopper that was black; that was his only wish. So with creative freedom on the build I started my design.

I wanted to design something with a 70’s vibe without taking too much away from it being an Australian icon. So I started dismantling the bike, cut the frame and started reshaping with sheet metal. The rear guard was cut down to show more of the wheel, the fuel tank was removed and a custom king and queen seat was made. The frame was completely cut in half and stretched by 150mm. Custom 1 inch handle bars were made and now it was time to design a new fuel tank.

I cut and shut the stock fuel tank and grafted the fuel cap and fuel tap from the postie bike tank onto a fire extinguisher. Using 3mm mild steel I made fins and tig welded them to the fire extinguisher to replicate a bomb from a vintage plane. The new tank was then hand painted to complete the look.

The frame was painted in gloss black and a custom sissy bar was made. All parts were chromed and powder coated where needed.

Brand new wheels were built in house and new larger tyres fitted. The front end was completely chromed and polished and the engine was removed, new gaskets fitted and completely hand polished top to bottom.

Now the bike was ready for assembly. Once finished the bike was photographed by well renowned automotive photographer, Eastern Chang, and the bike was then sent to it’s new home – to cruise the Brisbane coastline.