Damien’s 1982 Honda CX500

By Pete Cagnacci | February 17, 2017

Starting out as a light hearted project, Damien had saved this Honda CX500 from a previous owner who had tried – and failed – at doing a café build. Luckily for this bike a firm idea and plenty of inspiration was on hand, and she would be riding once more with a killer new look.

In High School, Damien had met some new lads that had a bunch of trail bikes. “They’d told me that trailies were heaps better than riding pushies so that’s where it all started for me. I couldn’t afford a dirt bike straight up, so the next best thing would be to get a Honda CT90. It was so much faster than my pushy, but still couldn’t keep up with my newfound friends. After saving all my paper run money, I got myself a Yamaha YZ80. Power bad – woooohoo! I then got my licence and went through a handful of road trail bikes, but it wasn’t until my mid 30’s that I got started with road bikes.”

Despite having a busy schedule with lots of things on the go, Damien was after a project. It would be down the coast in another city that he’d found a 1982 Honda CX500. “I bought the bike off a young bloke who tried to café it up, but did a shit job. It had an ugly looking brown homemade seat, the battery box was poorly welded to the frame and the auto electrics were disastrous. But it was enough of a starting point for the build I was after.”