Butler’s Custom and Cafe Racers joins The Edwards crew

Penelope Green | 18 April, 2016

LIAM Butler is a hands-on kind of guy.

His passion is taking vintage bikes, often rusted out and delivered to him in crates, and restoring them to their gleaming, roaring glory.

“For me it’s a big thing to create things with my hands, it’s primitive, it’s satisfying and I’m creating art that people can take places, just like carrying a painting under their arm,” he says.

In a few weeks Mr Butler, 33, will shift his business, Butler’s Custom and Cafe Racers, from his Warners Bay garage to the The Edwards “workshop”. It’s the latest business at the evergreen Parry Street restaurant, which includes a Laundrette, vinyl haven The Shop, and coin-op laundromat.

“It’s Liam’s shop, we’re just providing him the space as we bring different cultures together,” says The Edwards co-owner Chris Joannou, whose 70s era dirtbike will get some workshop love.