Butler’s Custom and Cafe Racers owner Liam Butler’s “builds” on pre-90s bikes are memorable for surprising reasons

Penelope Green | 13 June 2017

About a year ago you moved your business, which repairs vintage motorbikes, from Warners Bay to The Workshop at The Edwards. How has the first 12 months of trade been?

We have finally hit the one year mark and it has been an amazing year. I have managed to complete many full builds and we have been constant since the day the doors opened.

How did your business change in the move?

We have had a lot more new people stop in that didn’t know about us from social media. And also having the shop has made holding events much easier also which is great to get the word out about the new shop.

 Who are your clients?

My clients vary from older to younger people. Male to female. A lot of the work so far has been builds for younger people who want their first bike.

What’s the most common job you do?  

The most common job we do would be complete ground up builds from paint to engine work, custom-made seats, handmade fenders etc.

How special is your business in terms of what it does?

Our business is very unique as we are specialising in restorations with a twist. A lot of custom one off parts to modernise the bike but keep the original look and style.

You specialise in refurbing pre-1990s bikes. Why that era? 

We specialise in pre-1990s bikes simply because I have a love of restoring. Bringing things back to life and also I love the classic lines of older bikes and the simplicity.