2014 Yamaha Stryker Bagger

This Yamaha Stryker was brought into the shop by an awesome bloke named John. After chatting with John about all his ideas for the build, I sat down and started designing. John’s only real wishes were a low riding bagger based off a Harley Road Glide and for it to be blue. The rest he said was up to me.

So I ordered in a Harley Road Glide fairing which was modified as soon as it arrived to the shop, starting with extensive fibreglass work by my good friend Nye where he filled in the shock speaker holes and grafted in a mount to allow me to fit the shock Yamaha speedo. Then a set of extended fibreglass bags were used and the 6×9 speaker holes in the lids were also filled in and removed.

The next step was to custom make brackets for the fairing and bags to mount to the bike. Once everything was mounted correctly, a custom set of hand made sheet metal side covers were fabricated in house and a custom stainless exhaust system was made to suit, along with a custom seat.

Once it was complete the bike was dismantled and sent back to Nye for the custom midnight blue paint and gunmetal grey pin striping.

A one off, first ever in Australia 23×5.5 inch full billet aluminium front wheel was designed and custom made from the USA, fitted to the bike along with a hand made front fender, painted to match the midnight blue paint.

One week after finishing the build, this bike won Best Bike at the Hunter Valley Street Machine Show.