2008 Triumph Thruxton Cafe Racer turned Bobber

It all started with a stock black 2008 triumph Thruxton cafe racer. After first changing the bike in the early days of owning it from black to grey which you can see images of on our Instagram page, and enjoying it as it was for roughly two years, the time came for a change.

Not being able to find another bike that felt right and looked cool I decided to go down a whole new path. Taking the bike in a whole other direction away from its cafe racer look and feel. Being the shop bike and my own personal bike, I wanted something that really showcases what Butlers Customs is all about. Hand crafted, all completely built in house from top to bottom, with still a classic look yet with the modern touches that keep it reliable and safe on the road.

I have always been into 70s style Bobbers and Choppers and always Dreamt about one day owning something unique and classic looking with the reliable of a modern bike. So not being able to find a bike I like , it was the obvious choice to use what I had. And so it begun. Starting with chopping the frame completely in half , building a hand made ridged frame in house, then scrapping the stock spoke wheels, and designing a set of full Billet aluminium wheels based off the 1980s BMX Tuffs wheels. Running an 18 inch rear and a 21” front wheel.

Using a Shinko tyre on the rear and an Avon speedmaster on the front. The next step was to completely redesign and made a new brake system and brackets to suit the new custom wheels. A hand made rear fender was made on the English wheel, and a custom stainless steel sissy bar was bent up and welded. At this stage as the bike started to come together.

I realised the Stock triumph fuel tank just didn’t look right. It’s was to large and out of proportion for the old school look I was going for. But here lied an issue. In removing and replacing the stock tank, the fuel pump and filter inside the tank needed to go somewhere but would not fit inside the new peanut tank. So a secondary fuel tank needed to be made to house the fuel pump and filter. A stainless fuel tank was made in house and mounted under the seat.

The bike was then completely rewired and all pollution gear was also removed and an air box removal kit was fitted.

Now it was time for paint. Using a custom mixed cream 2k paint , then adding black and white stripes and accents to brake up the cream. Once painted a set of 16” chrome ape hangers were made and fitted along with a custom set of mini switch blocks to keep the bars as minimalist as possible.

Once everything was checked and tested, the bike was ready for the road. Winning best bike runner up at the Hunter Vally Street machine show. One week after completion.