Yamaha SR250 Scrambler

So the story begins with a stock Yamaha sr250, when the bike first arrived it was brought in for electrical issues. After quickly resolving the issues the owner decided to go further and have me design and build him a stand out scrambler.

His only wishes were pastel earthy colours and the rest was up to me. After chatting with the owner and finding out more about him I quickly learnt he was a keen surfer who loved the beach. So taking this into account I decided to mix up a custom teal paint to give the bike that chilled out beach vibe.

The next step was to hand make fenders for the front and back of the bike. After this was done it was time to make a custom scrambler style exhausts.  Stepping away from the low stock exhaust, using 304 stainless steel tube I decided to pie cut the bends to tuck in close to the motor.

After TIG welding the exhaust together the next step was to design a set of tank decals.  Something timeless and classic… Printing out one-off decals from my good friend Matt at Altapac, we came up with a nice brown to tie in the the seat and a cream to tie in with the stock speedometer.

Next we made a custom seat and bend up and weld in a hoop in the rear frame on a 45 degree angle, so that the rear wheel doest bottom out on the frame hoop.

After doing all of the above, a new set of fork boots were made and I then started in making a custom headlight, fitting bar end indicators up friend and mini LEDc indicators in the rear to go with the new led tail light new handle bars, new grips and levers.

The bike now got a full rewire and service. We then put a new set of YSS rear shocks on the bike, remounted the battery and relocated it under the rear swing arm. Then rewired the whole bike front to back. The bike then got a full once over and is now off to its home ready for trips to the beach.